Footwear Advice and Modification

Footwear is a simple but very effective treatment option, the right shoe for the right foot and activity is imperative. Many foot and lower limb complaints / pain or dysfunction can be addressed with appropriate fitting footwear. Tim meets with technical footwear representatives of the major shoe brands routinely to keep knowledge up to date with the latest changes and advancements in athletic footwear. 

Often making simple chairside additions or changes to athletic footwear can have a huge impact on foot pain and discomfort. This is often a substitute or a trial for potential effectiveness of inshoe orthotic intervention. 


The SHOE-ORTHOTIC-FOOT relationship is frequently not completely understood by shoe shop sales staff when purchasing footwear. With the ever changing advancements in Footwear research and development often professional Podiatry guidance through this process is beneficial especially if you have a current or recent injury. Your footwear can often highlight foot anomalies, so its important you bring them with you to your consultation.

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