Conditions Treated

The following is a list whilst not completely exhaustive where Tim's diagnosis, assessment and management intervention can be of assistance to get you back performing at your best.

  • Heel, arch and forefoot pain

  • Plantar Heel pain ( including: Plantarfasciitis) 

  • Achilles tendonitis.

  • Morton's Neuroma, forefoot capsulitis and bursitis.

  • Foot and ankle arthritic pain and dysfunction.

  • Children's foot and leg pain (Severs disease, 'growing pains', flat feet, intoeing)

  • Foot and ankle tendonitis (Tibialis Posterior, Peroneal)

  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome ( 'Shin Splints')

  • Osteoarthritic Conditions of the feet

  • Knee, Hip and Lower back complaints. (Often complementing other treatment modalities : Massage, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic )

  • Ankle rehabilitation programs.

  • Adult and Child Injury Prevention and Pre Season screening.

Here's a video on all things 'Severs Disease'  A common complaint we see in active kids. This video was done for The Athletes Foot Erina, it outlines patient presentation, symptoms and treatment.  

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Tim Ghantous


Tim has over 16 years experience in managing exercise and sports related foot pain. His ongoing focus on continued education and  training in the field of sports medicine, a Bachelor of Health Science and a qualified Level 2 Sports trainer gives him a unique insight into lower limb mechanics and exercise related foot pain.