Orthotics, Repairs and Modifications

Foot orthotics or orthoses can assist in offloading, supporting and or cushioning the foot and lower limb when weightbearing.  There are many different factors to consider when discussing orthotic therapy as part of a treatment plan:

  • When, where and how often can or will orthoses be utilised.

  • Is your footwear suitable for orthotic intervention.

  • Will your treatment plan complement orthotic therapy?

  • Casted functional foot orthoses.

  • Customised off the shelf. 

  • 'Soft' v 'Hard' orthotics debate. 


After appropriate examination and only IF orthoses are warranted the various options will be discussed with you for the most suitable option to address your current complaint.

Orthotic Modifications

Foot Orthoses should be reviewed ideally on an annual basis to ensure that they are still offering the support and fit they were initially designed to offer. This though can and will vary depending upon the age of the patient, the type or material used in construction of the orthoses and the sport or activity the orthoses are used in.

Often a minor adjustment, re tilting or replacement top cover is all that is required in place of a new pair.

Tim has the knowledge, skills and onsite workshop to offer refurbishment and repairs to most foot orthoses designed by himself or other Podiatrists. 

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Tim Ghantous


Tim has over 16 years experience in managing exercise and sports related foot pain. His ongoing focus on continued education and  training in the field of sports medicine, a Bachelor of Health Science and a qualified Level 2 Sports trainer gives him a unique insight into lower limb mechanics and exercise related foot pain.

Foot Orthoses and Repairs

Foot Orthotic Repairs