What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports Podiatry is a sub group of the Podiatry profession. Sports Podiatry or a Sports Podiatrist is a practitioner that has an interest in sport and exercise and plays a role in managing foot and lower limb pain and dysfunction. A Sports Podiatrist should be familiar with most sports, the involvement of the lower limb and footwear used in these sports. Often additional training or education has been undertaken by the Podiatrist in the sport and exercise or Sports Medicine field


Tim Ghantous of East Gosford Podiatry (more about Tim            )  created Central Coast Sports Podiatry to focus on his Sporting Podiatric interest area . He has over 16 years experience in managing exercise and sports related foot pain. His ongoing focus on continued education and  training in the field of sports medicine, a Bachelor of Health Science and as a qualified Level 2 Sports trainer gives him a unique insight into lower limb mechanics and exercise related foot pain.

Tim regularly consults to The East Gosford Rams and Central Coast United Football clubs providing management strategies for lower limb and foot complaints. He has provided Sports coverage at many fun runs and sporting events including OXFAM and in May of 2019 is coordinating a group of Podiatrists for the medical team in the 100km Ultra Trail run in Katoomba NSW. 


Treatment of foot and leg complaints RARELY requires a single treatment protocol, often a combination of interventions are needed to achieve desired results. These can include:

Sports Podiatry Gosford Footbll assessment
Medical Team for Ultra100
Medical Team for Ultra100

Treating athletes @ Ultra100
Treating athletes @ Ultra100

Medical Team for Ultra100
Medical Team for Ultra100


Foot orthoses are only as good as the assessment, foot impression and prescription to suit and assist your feet when walking / running and exercising. There are many different factors to consider when discussing orthotic therapy as part of a treatment plan. After appropriate examination and if orthoses are warranted as part of your treatment plan various options often cost effective are available.  


A Sports Podiatrist should be familiar with different types of footwear from different sports, surfaces and conditions.  Proper evaluation and advice can help with performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Footwear advice and changes are often overlooked in the management of many foot complaints.  

Soft tissue management interventions such as, trigger point therapy, foam rolling, strapping and taping programs, massage and dry needling can all contribute to a appropriate treatment plan. 

Sports specific training modifications and exercise loads is often another key factor in treatment of the athlete. Often these need to be evaluated / modified / adjusted to help with the treatment of many lower leg and foot complaints.

Exercise prescription is an essential part of any injury treatment and rehabilitation plan.This may involve implementation of a

strength and or stretch program. These exercises are found to complement other treatment modalities in rehabilitation of the injured patient. These will individualized to the athlete when generating a treatment plan. 

  • Communication with other Practitioners

Podiatry intervention is often a PART of the treatment process in the athlete. Communication with other practitioners / coaches / trainers is a very important part of the treatment plan. This ensures all involved in the treatment of the athlete and are all working together to complement each other’s interventions. Your Sports Podiatrist needs to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to relay this information accurately and appropriately.

Australisian Academy Sports Podiatrists


AAPSM is the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

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