Muscular Skeletal (Biomechanical) Assesment


A thorough muscular skeletal assessment also known as a biomechanical assessment will systematically assess the patients hips through to the toe joints and how well they are (or are not) functioning. An appropriate assessment will look at the patient weight bearing, non weight bearing, statically ( standing still ) and dynamically (Gait Analysis.)

Often poor foot alignment or mechanics (the way the bones and soft tissues of the feet move with each other) can contribute to pain in your feet, lower limb and sometimes lower back.

If you have any previous medical scanning (X ray, ultrasound etc. ) or referrals from other health professionals contributing to your care or current condition please bring them with you to your consultation.

Attending with a range of your current footwear (Sport specific and casual) can also be of benefit and can often relate to your complaint.

Ensure you wear loose fitting long pants or shorts to your consultation to ensure accurate assessment of your lower limb.